Kristy has a holistic approach to her practice incorporating wellness, counseling, and education.  

Upon graduating in 1995 from the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology, she began teaching and working with children and adolescents and discovered her desire to help others grow and improve their health and overall well-being. Kristy moved from Middle and High school education into Higher Education and began mentoring and advising students, in addition to teaching. It was here that she truly discovered her gift to work with individuals who were in need of guidance. By helping students gain a spiritual foundation she found that working in the capacity of coaching and mentoring was fulfilling of her strong passion to serve others. 


Returning to school, Kristy graduated in 2014 with her MEd. from the University of Cincinnati and Children's Hospital Medical Center in Medical Education. She continued working in Corporate Wellness and Higher Education and maintained her wellness practice.


 In 2016, Kristy continued her path towards her Ph.D. in Theology and Interfaith Counseling from the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary. Her passion for enabling the discovery of each individuals life path has led to a insatiable desire to serve God, and help to guide individuals to rewarding lives filled with love, joy and passion. Kristy graduated in March of 2018 with her Ph.D and has since expanded her wellness practice to include counseling and her End of Life Doula practice. Kristy is an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

Amidst her teaching and coaching career, Kristy also founded Metamorphosis Holistic Wellness and Healing Center. Dedicated to improving the lives of individuals using natural and organic healing modalities she pursued many certifications that she uses with her counseling clients to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the mind, body and spirit. These modalities include, but are not limited to: Aromatherapy, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Therapy, Hypnosis, Herbal Therapy, EFT, Thai Yoga Massage, and Reiki.

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